Nordplus project Sustainability: Global Problems and Local Solutions. Students’ conference in Estonia, Haapsalu, 8-13 October 2023: Sustainable Natural Environment. Day 2


On the second day, we went on a field trip, which took place at Silma Educational Centre. We learned about the nature and wildlife of coastal meadows and how Sustainability plays an essential part in preserving them. Our guide was Marko Valker, who is a researcher and educationalist at Silma. 

Firstly, we watched a presentation about the coastal area by Marko Valker. Then we went on a hike and investigated the local coastal meadows. The route we took was pretty challenging and we had to be very careful not to get soaking wet during it. At the same time, we conducted research about the coastal vegetation and filled in the worksheets.

After lunch, we studied the water body, which included searching for local sea life and measuring water transparency and depth. The day ended with our summaries which we presented for the whole group.