Nordplus project Sustainability: Global Problems and Local Solutions. Students’ conference in Estonia, Haapsalu, 8-13 October 2023: Sustainable Natural Environment. Day 4

On the fourth day, we were separated into teams and had three workshops at school. The first workshop was preparing to present our case on whether Haapsalu is a sustainable town.

Later, we made presentations about the second day's Adventures in the Silma educational center and the third day's field trip to Veskijärve-Nõva-Peraküla. The presentations had to include information about what we got to know and did there during these days. In the second workshop, each team had to present both of their presentations.

Finally, in the third workshop, we made Instagram reels from the pictures we had taken throughout the conference. In the evening we had a final party in the school's cellar. We ate pizza and pretzels and played a few group games: Kahoot, hide-and-seek, and the chair game.